February Creative Collision: Market Bag Patterns

For the February Creative Collision, we met at the local co-op,  Wheatsfield – what an amazing resource to have in our own community. If you are curious about becoming a member, what kinds of things they sell, or their upcoming events and cooking/health classes, make sure to check out their website: Local.Wheatsfield.Coop

Being that it was the local coop, it seemed most appropriate to share market bag patterns. If you were curious about one of the patterns, but weren’t able to grab a copy, you can get them here:

+ How to Sew Your Own Produce Bags

Everyday Market Bag
+ Everyday Crochet Market Bag

+ Knit Strawberry Market Bag

If none of these catch your fancy, check out TipNuts’ round up for 45 market bag patterns!

See you all next month! Stay warm out there!


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