What is the ArtVend Machine?

It is a vending machine that has been transformed to display and sell the work of local artists and crafters (aka Makers). The machine will spread homemade morsels of Central Iowa where they might not normally reach, and local Makers will have a unique option to promote their work. The presence of the ArtVend will encourage the integration of creativity into everyday life.

Where is it?

Wheatsfield Cooperative Grocery
413 Northwestern Avenue, Ames, IA

What goes in it?

This is the most exciting thing about the ArtVend machine, your handmade imagination is really the limit. The only guidelines are:

* handmade and family friendly
* can handle the “drop” in the vending machine
* Local (50 mile radius with Ames, Iowa as the center point)
* The size of a bag of chips, a candy bar, or a pastry item to fit in the machine.

Already we have zines, bookbinding kits, mini paintings, crocheted scarves, zippered clutches, drawings, knitting kits, and block prints lined up. Makers are responsible for clearly labeling and packaging items. Ames C.art will have basic packaging available for purchase but creative packaging is encouraged!

How long will ArtVend be vending?

That is a yet to be determined question. Right now we are focusing on a year long vending period with Wheatsfield. After that we may retire the machine, move it to another location, or if Wheatsfield loves having the machine and we love stocking it, it might permanently find a home there.

How do I submit my work to the ArtVend?

Easy, check out all the details on our ArtVend Submit Page!

Who are the ArtVend Makers?

For a listing of our Makers and info on each, visit the ArtVend Maker Page (last updated 4/47/12)!